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German English
Pipi wee-wee
Pipi [n] wee-wee (children's speech) (urine)
Pipi [n] zoune
Pipi [n] pee
Pipi [n] number one

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German English
Pipi (Kindersprache) [n] pee
(jemand) sein Pipi halten [v] (someone) hold one's urine
(jemand) sein Pipi halten [v] (someone) hold one's pee
(jemand) sein Pipi halten [v] (someone) hold one's urine/pee
Pipi machen (Kindersprache) [v] piddle
Pipi/Lulu machen gehen (Kindersprache) [v] go for a pee
Pipi/Lulu machen gehen (Kindersprache) [v] go tinkle (children's speech)
Pipi/Lulu machen gehen (Kindersprache) [v] go wee-wee (children's speech)
Pipi gemacht tinkled
Pipi gemacht weed
Pipi gemacht peed
Pipi gemacht piddled
Pipi gemacht had/taken a tinkle
Pipi gemacht done wee-wee
Pipi machend having/taking a tinkle
Pipi machend doing wee-wee
Pipi machend piddling
Pipi machend peeing
Pipi machend weeing
Pipi machend tinkling
Pipi (Kindersprache) [n] wee
Pipi machen [v] to wee
Pipi machen [v] to pee
Pipi machen (Kindersprache) [v] do wee-wee (children's speech)
Pipi machen (Kindersprache) [v] pee
Pipi machen (Kindersprache) [v] tinkle (children's speech)
Pipi machen (Kindersprache) [v] wee (children's speech)
Pipi machen (Kindersprache) [v] wee-wee (children's speech)
Pipi gemacht wee-weed
Pipi gemacht pissed
Pipi machen piss
Pipi machend pissing
Pipi machend wee-weeing
Pipi (Kindersprache) [n] pee-pee (children's speech)
Pipi machen (Kindersprache) [v] piss (urinate)