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Meanings of "apply" in Spanish English Dictionary : 70 result(s)

İngilizce İspanyolca
apply aplicar [v]
apply aplicarse [v]
apply tener vigencia [v]
apply adaptar [v]
apply apropiar [v]
apply dar [v]
apply dirigirse [v]
apply ejercer [v]
apply poner en práctica [v]
apply tener aplicación [v]
apply acomodar [v]
apply destinar [v]
apply adjudicar [v]
apply atribuir [v]
apply introducir en la práctica [v]
apply fijar (la atención) [v]
apply adaptarse [v]
apply ocuparse [v]
apply imputar [v]
apply dirigirse [v]
apply postular [v]
apply emplear [v]
apply presentarse para [v]
apply optar a [v]
apply usar [v]
apply utilizar [v]
apply echar [v]
apply regir [v]
apply solicitar [v]
apply rezar [v]
apply dirigirse a [v]
apply ser pertinente
apply ser aplicable
apply embetunar [v] CL
apply solicitar [v]
apply aplicarse [v]
apply aplicar [v]
apply postular [v]
apply presentarse [v]
apply corresponder [v]
apply recurrir [v]
apply peticionar [v]
apply acudir [v]
apply pedir [v]
apply presentar una solicitud [v]
apply aplicar [v]
apply aplicar [v]
apply fijar [v]
apply poner [v]
apply aplicar [v]
apply solicitar [v]
apply aplicar [v]
Pipe Terms
apply poner [v]
apply recurrir a [v]
apply fijar [v]
apply darse [v]
apply consagrarse [v]
apply dirigir a [v]
apply aplicar [v]
apply administrar [v]
apply dedicarse [v]
apply gestionar [v]
apply afectar [v]
apply convenir [v]
apply acudir a [v]
apply aplicar [v]
apply dirigir a
apply acudir a
apply recurrir a
apply aplicar [v]

Meanings of "apply" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 248 result(s)

İngilizce İspanyolca
apply a poultice fomentar [v]
apply a tariff to asignar [v]
apply a tariff to tarifar [v]
apply for recabar [v]
apply for solicitar [v]
apply rouge arrebolarse [v]
apply to aplicarse a [v]
apply to aplicarse en [v]
apply (money) to wrong purposes malversar [v]
apply a cataplasm bizmar [v]
apply a remedy administrar [v]
apply a styptic to estipticar [v]
apply embrocation embrocar [v]
apply gilding size to embolar [v]
apply medicaments medicinar [v]
apply medicaments administrar medicamentos [v]
apply nostrums saludar [v]
apply oneself ponerse [v]
apply oneself aplicarse [v]
apply oneself dedicarse [v]
apply oneself attentively despestañarse [v]
apply oneself to business echarse a [v]
apply plasters emplastar [v]
apply the brake to frenar [v]
apply to ocurrir [v]
apply to recurrir [v]
apply/appeal to acogerse [v]
treat or apply a particular process to conrear [v]
apply the brakes frenar [v]
apply for a position solicitar un puesto [v]
apply oneself to darse a [v]
re-apply presentarse de nuevo [v]
re-apply aplicar de nuevo [v]
device which is used to apply pressure prensa [f]
(a question) apply/relate to (someone) referirse a (una cuestión/un tema) [v]
apply (for a position) presentar una solicitud [v]
apply a coat of paint dar una mano de pintura [v]
apply a cold compress aplicar una compresa fría [v]
apply a cool compress usar una compresa fría [v]
apply a different method aplicar un método diferente [v]
apply a different method usar un método distinto [v]
apply a match to encender con una cerilla (algo) [v]
apply a muzzle amordazar [v]
apply a patch on parchar [v]
apply a plan poner por obra un plan [v]
apply a plaster aplicar una gasa [v]
apply a plaster aplicar un apósito [v]
apply a procedure aplicar un procedimiento [v]
apply a procedure implementar un procedimiento [v]
apply a project ejecutar un proyecto [v]
apply a rule aplicar una regla [v]
apply a salve aplicar un ungüento [v]
apply a salve aplicar una pomada [v]
apply a surcharge sobretasar [v]
apply a surcharge recargar [v]
apply a surcharge supertasar [v]
apply a tattoo tatuar [v]
apply a thin layer of plaster to a wall in order to smooth it aplanar [v] MX
apply again solicitar de nuevo [v]
apply again solicitar nuevamente [v]
apply ammoniac to aplicar amoníaco a [v]
apply an earlier date adelantar algo (en el tiempo) [v]
apply an embargo ejecutar un embargo [v]
apply an undercoat aplicar una capa de pintura [v]
apply cosmetics maquillarse [v]
apply cream encremar [v] NI CL AR
apply creosote creosotar [v]
apply double standard aplicar dobles criterios [v]
apply dust polvorear [v]
apply epilating wax to aplicar cera depilatoria para [v]
apply for postular para [v] LAM
apply for aplicar a [v]
apply for a credit pedir un crédito [v]
apply for a credit solicitar un crédito [v]
apply for a fellowship solicitar formar parte de una sociedad [v]
apply for a fellowship solicitar una beca [v]
apply for a fellowship pedir una beca [v]
apply for a grant pedir una beca [v]
apply for a grant solicitar una beca [v]
apply for a job or position correr [v] US PR
apply for a loan pedir un préstamo [v]
apply for a scholarship solicitar una beca [v]
apply for a situation solicitar un empleo [v]
apply for membership llenar una solicitud de inscripción [v]
apply for patent solicitar una patente [v]
apply for registration solicitar un registro [v]
apply for tax exemption pedir una exención del impuesto [v]
apply for tax exemption solicitar una exención fiscal [v]
apply for using a written application aplicar (inglés) [v] US HN SV NI CR PA DO PR CO BO
apply for visa pedir un visado [v]
apply for visa solicitar un visado [v]
apply for welfare benefits apuntarse al paro [v]
apply force ejercer fuerza [v]
apply glue aplicar cola [v]
apply glue aplicar pegamento [v]
apply hair-gel ponerse gel para el cabello [v]
apply handcuffs esposar [v]
apply henna aplicar alheña [v]
apply henna ponerse henna [v]
apply ice aplicar hielo [v]
apply ice poner hielo [v]
apply in practice poner a la práctica [v]
apply in written form hacer una solicitud por escrito [v]
apply incorrectly aplicar incorrectamente [v]
apply incorrectly hacer una solicitud de forma incorrecta [v]
apply ink entintar [v]
apply insecticide to aplicar insecticida a [v]
apply insecticide to rociar insecticida sobre [v]
apply leeches aplicar sanguijuelas [v]
apply leeches tratar con sanguijuelas [v]
apply leeches to aplicar sanguijuelas a [v]
apply lipstick ponerse lápiz de labios [v]
apply lipstick pintarse los labios [v]
apply liquid with a piece of cloth on the palate or in the throat, for healing purposes hisopear [v] PE disused
apply make-up ponerse maquillaje [v]
apply makeup/cosmetics maquillar [v]
apply manure abonar [v]
apply manure estercolar [v]
apply mascara to ponerse rímel en [v]
apply medicine ejercer la medicina [v]
apply medicine aplicar la medicina [v]
apply mulch cubrir con manitllo [v]
apply mulch abonar [v]
apply mulch cubrir con capote [v]
apply nail polish aplicar esmalte de uñas [v]
apply nail varnish aplicar laca de uñas [v]
apply ointment aplicar un linimento [v]
apply ointment aplicar un ungüento [v]
apply ointment poner pomada [v]
apply on tax exemption solicitar una exención de impuestos [v]
apply oneself janearse [v] CU
apply oneself joderse [v] HN CR PR
apply oneself romperse [v] PE rare
apply oneself romperse [v] GT BO:W CL PY AR UY
apply oneself poner la mente de uno en algo [v]
apply oneself esforzarse [v]
apply paint aplicar pintura [v]
apply paint pintar [v]
apply paint to pintar [v]
apply polish abrillantar [v]
apply powder polvear [v] MX SV
apply pressure oprimir [v]
apply pressure presionar [v]
apply pressure prensar [v]
apply pressure aployar [v] DO
apply pressure to something aplicar presión a algo [v]
apply putty poner masilla [v]
apply putty to a surface amasillar [v] NI CR
apply sanction aplicar una sanción [v]
apply sanction poner una multa [v]
apply sanctions poner multas [v]
apply sanctions aplicar sanciones [v]
apply silicone aplicar silicona [v]
apply the brake echar el freno [v]
apply the brakes echar los frenos [v]
apply the brakes retrancarse [v]
apply the plaster aplicar el yeso [v]
apply the rule aplicar la norma [v]
apply the rules aplicar las normas [v]
apply to aplicar a [v]
apply to a hospital solicitar empleo para trabajar en un hospital [v]
apply to a hospital solicitar el ingreso en un hospital [v]
apply to a representative of a country in cuba to authorize a family member to emigrate reclamar [v] CU
apply to court solicitar a las cortes [v]
apply to court solicitar a un tribunal [v]
apply to somebody incumbirle a alguien [v]
apply to somebody ser de la incumbencia de alguien [v]
apply trial-and-error approach batear [v] CR
apply varnish barnizar [v]
apply varnish lacar [v]
apply veneer chapear [v]
apply veneer chapar [v]
apply veneer enchapar [v]
apply water to lavar [v]
apply wax to bolear [v]
apply wax to encerar [v]
apply with aplicar con [v]
apply yogurt on poner yogurt en [v]
large brush made of resistant material that is used in masonry to apply plaster hisopo [m] VE
apply a policy of carrot and stick dar una de cal y otra de arena [v]
apply a rule only to less privileged people ser para los de ruana [v] CO
apply pressure on someone apretar los tornillos a alguien [v]
apply pressure on someone apretar las tuercas a alguien [v]
apply severe punishment sentar el juicio [v] BO
apply a plaster poner una tirita [v]
apply basecoat fondear [v] EC
apply inefficient remedy aplicar paños calientes [v]
apply moisturizing cream hidratarse [v]
apply soft-soap to enjabonar [v]
paint something with a base coat of paint to then apply another color or a special finish fondear [v] EC
apply to concernir a [v]
apply to someone for something solicitar a alguien algo [v]
apply within infórmese adentro [v]
apply within consulte adentro [v]
apply for aplicar por [v]
apply for presentarse [v]
apply for a job solicitar un empleo [v]
apply for a job solicitar un trabajo [v]
apply for a loan solicitar un empréstito [v]
apply for a loan solicitar un préstamo [v]
apply for a patent solicitar una patente [v]
apply for a patent gestionar una patente [v]
apply for disability benefits solicitar la invalidez [v]
apply within solicite aquí [v]
re-apply volver a solicitar [v]
apply for a job solicitar un trabajo
apply for a loan solicitar un préstamo
apply for a patent solicitar una patente
apply in writing solicitar por escrito
apply to referirse a
apply within infórmese aquí
apply (for benefits) solicitar [v]
apply for a patent solicitar una patente de invención
apply for solicitar [v]
pivot weight and pivot charge apply tarifa por peso pívot y peso aplicable
apply for radicar [v]
apply for a patent solicitar una patente [v]
shall then apply será de aplicación
last day to apply último día para solicitar
apply this decision to remaining items aplicar esta decisión a los elementos restantes
apply power to aplicar energía a [v]
apply power to aplicar energía a
apply dressing adobar [v]
apply for solicitar [v]
apply graphite grafitar [v]
apply graphite grafitizar [v] AR
apply to aplicar [v]
apply a variety of strategies aplicar diversas estrategias [v]
apply calculus to problems of mechanics aplicar el cálculo a los problemas de mecánica [v]
apply asphalt asfaltar [v]
apply an epithem to epitimar [v]
apply topically aplique sólo en la parte afectada
apply ash poultices (to horses) acernadar [v]
apply ash poultices (to horses) aplicar cernadas [v]
apply a thin layer of cement mix on a wall as a finish frisar (inglés freeze) [v] VE
apply a thin layer of cement mix on a wall as a finish friso [m] VE
apply for a visa solicitar un visado [v]
apply for shares suscribir acciones [v]
apply pressure dar presión [v]
apply pressurization presurizar [v]
apply the brake frenar [v]
brush-apply aplicar con brocha [v]
selective apply piston pistón selectivo de aplicación
apply pressure dar presión
the rules apply to everyone las reglas se aplican a todos
American Football
apply pressure aplicar presión
apply the hook aplicar la grúa [v]
apply for solicitar [v]